Securing Assets at Home and Abroad

Universal Security takes a unique approach to providing protective services. We employ proactive strategies that mitigate security vulnerabilities and risks. Our security professionals are among the best trained in the region and are all certified, licensed, insured and bonded. Our extensive experience in hostile environments, our use of elite security professionals, and our track record for providing top-notch service in foreign markets give us the edge over our competitors.  Learn More

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Logistics:Universal Security moved military assets throughout war-torn Iraq. If we can deliver assets under these conditions, we can safely deliver your valuables here in the U.S.  Read More
Executive Protection:Universal ensures the safety of our clients and their prized possessions. Our bodyguards are trained to protect and transport human and capital assets in the U.S. and abroad. Read More
Investigation:Universal employs advanced technologies, sophisticated surveillance techniques, and meticulous investigative practices to expose insurance fraud, confirm marital infidelity, security breaches, and more. Read More
Security Professionals:Universal's security team is among the best in the region. Our armed and unarmed security guards are licensed, well trained, professional, and always on high alert. Read More