Universal executive graduates nationally-recognized veteran's procurement program.
 I would like to express my appreciation to Universal's convoy PSD team.... This team was right where it needed to be, when it needed to be there and with the right equipment to get it done. 

Government Services

Universal Security provides customized security solutions and logistics support for federal, state and local governments. We have significant experience working with U.S. government agencies domestically and abroad, including high-threat and hostile environments such as Iraq.

We have provided customized solutions for a number of federal agencies, including U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. State Department.

Universal is a Veteran, Minority-owned firm headquartered in Rockville, MD. with a satellite office in Frederick, Md. We are registered, licensed, insured and bonded in the states of Florida and Maryland.

Our government services include:


Armed/Unarmed Guards (Domestic & Foreign)
Armed Transport Service (Domestic & Foreign)
Executive Protection (Domestic & Foreign)
Mobile Security (Domestic & Foreign)
Convoy Security (Domestic & Foreign)
K-9 Security

Our NAIC Codes

561611- Investigation Services
561612-Security Guard & Patrol Services
561613- Armored Car Services